3-Day Level 3 Green Cleanse

$210.00 – subscription plans starting at $199.50 / week

Our Level 3 ‘Mostly Green’ Cleanse is our cleanse with products that include the most amount of green vegetables. You can expect a lower-calorie mix in this cleanse of several low glycemic green juices and our our herbal wellness tea. This cleanse kit is lower calorie, and while it can stand alone, it also incorporates beautifully with a healthy, fresh meal or snack.

What you can expect:  All products are numbered in our suggested consumption order. If you can, begin with drink 1 upon rising, and continue by drinking the next numbered product every 2-3 hours. Your ‘snack’ can be enjoyed anytime during the day, but many of our customers like to save for a pre-bedtime soother.

After a Level 3 cleanse, you may feel less bloated, more internally hydrated, and overall lighter.

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