What is Raw Republic?

Raw Republic makes health and wellness more accessible to everyone, offering New Orleans its first cold-pressed, 100% organic, raw juices, smoothies and nut mylks as well as vegan food and holistic health products in a convenient
to-go atmosphere.

Why Juice

Our Standard American Diet (SAD) offers us convenience but dismisses our need for nutrient, water-rich, natural foods. We believe that a diet rich in available nutrients, enzymes, and water can help reverse illness and create whole body health and wellness. Juice is the fastest way to consume these absorbable nutrients and the much-needed benefits of fruits and vegetables are condensed in this delicious beverage. Green juice, specifically, is our greatest suggestion to reversing illness and creating vibrancy.

What is cold-pressed juicing?

Cold-pressed means our juices are made using a cold-grind and hydraulic press method, exposing the juice to less oxygen and heat than any other process. Cold-pressing extracts up to 30% more nutrients than any other juicing processes and allows our dense, delicious juice to maintain its integrity for up to 72 hours, post-press. Raw Republic is also committed to zero pasteurization meaning we will not pasteurize with heat OR pressure. The result is fresh, living foods and raw juices that contain the live enzymes, nutrients, vitamins and trace minerals that bring about the most cellular nourishment and detoxification.

Why is it more expensive?

All ingredients present in Raw Republic’s kitchen are organic, vegan, gluten-free and mostly raw. Currently, ingredients that meet that criteria are more difficult to source and are more expensive. Also, a greater labor and time commitment is involved in creating our high quality products. Additionally, a 16oz. cold-pressed juice contains up to 3 pounds of that delicious, organic produce. We like to think our products are an investment in your present and future health, happiness and wellbeing.

What do you mean by “raw”?

Generally speaking, “raw” means maximum possible nutrients. In our raw products, we use only fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seaweeds that have not been heated above 118 degrees Fahrenheit. This greatly preserves all available nutrients and enzymes. All of our juice, smoothies, tonics, and mylks are raw. We also offer select raw food items in our shop.

What is the difference between a juice and a smoothie?

In creating a juice, we extract all fiber for the quick availability and assimilation of the micronutrients, enzymes available in produce. Smoothies are blended and include all available fiber naturally present in the produce.

Do you offer cleanses?

Yes! Please stop by our store to schedule and customize your cleanse with our Cleanse Consultant.

What does it mean to be a Green-Certified LifeCity business?

Raw Republic is a proud LifeCity member, working to make conscious and green decisions each and every day. All of Raw Republic’s packaging is 100% recyclable. Raw Republic strives to achieve our zero waste goal. We employ your help by asking that you recycle our packaging, reuse our bags and compost any waste. To find out more our green certification about about other LifeCity green certified businesses, visit our profile page on the LifeCity site.

Quick facts

  • Illness, disease, pain and inflammation are effects of an acidic environment in the body. Leafy greens, alkaline water and fresh thoughts are the most powerful ways to combat acidity.
  • A 16oz. cold-pressed juice contains up to 6 pounds of produce. Dense, easily assimilated, LIVING nutrition.
  • Cold-pressed juice is the cornerstone of every natural, holistic health care program and regiment for reversing disease and illness because is the fastest way to transform your cells.
  • The most important aspects of your juice are that it’s been processed via a cold-pressed method and the quality of the produce inside and the freshness.
  • Our juice is superior. Our process is slower and messier, but our cold press method produces a juice that contains up to 30% more nutrients that the other juicing processes.
  • Our ingredients are superior. All of our produce is sourced from organically certified farms or from local farms that have been approved by Raw Republic as practicing 100% organic farming techniques.
  • Our commitment is superior. Raw Republic is committed to serving fresh, unpasteurized, raw juice.