We represent a movement of people who approach each day with an unwavering commitment to a cleaner lifestyle. We eat organic and we juice often. At Raw Republic we believe that taking ownership of our lives is of the utmost importance. This is where you come to feel special. To feel rejuvenated. To feel new. Here, purity is paramount. Being a member of the Raw Republic means living a balanced life. It means standing for integrity and making decisions that help ensure the future of our planet. We live life to the fullest — with purpose, deep conviction, and unconditional love for ourselves and those around us. And every action we take reflects that.
In a world that’s filled with artificials, our mission as a community of experts is to educate and enlighten others. “Think for yourself” is our credo. We believe that the consumer isn’t a sale to be made — they’re a mind to awaken. The ultimate goal of our organization is to provide a respite for those seeking truth and a deeper level of self-care. We believe in purity, integrity, and truth. We stand for a better way of life.

We are the Raw Republic. Think. Live. Juice.

Our Method

We take quality seriously. Using only the best ingredients and processing practices, we’re able to create superior juice and food options that are never added to or altered in any way.

The produce

Raw Republic’s produce is sourced from organically certified farms or from local farms that have been approved as practicing 100% organic farming techniques. We immediately refrigerate everything at precisely 36 degrees to maintain optimal freshness and stability. Our produce then undergoes a meticulous washing process that involves a vinegar soak to release waxes and residue. Finally, we rinse thoroughly. Now we’re ready to juice, blend or create!

The process

Raw Republic’s juice is created via a hydraulic cold-press method in which produce is slowly ground and pressed with little to no heat and very little exposure to oxygen. This method squeezes more enzymes, trace minerals, and vitamins into a juice with a greater healing impact than other products on the market. Our process varies from other juicing processes because heat and impact shock are nearly eliminated, reducing oxidation and keeping the delicate, raw nutrients in tact. A 16oz. cold-pressed juice contains up to 3 pounds of produce! That’s 3 pounds of dense, easily assimilated, LIVING nutrition.

The Tensui System – Pure Water

In a nutshell, the Tensui System reduces chlorine, DBP, trihalomethanes, pesticides, MTBE, organics, metals, offensive tastes, radon, carcinogens, odors, and many other toxins found in water. BUT, it’s different from other filters because it also leaves in vital minerals such as calcium and magnesium, imparts antioxidants, neutralizes free radicals, adds silicia (important to all cell formation), adds dissolved oxygen and potassium, raises electrolyte levels, promotes neutral alkalinity for immunity, creates lower surface tension for better assimilation of vitamins and nutrients, and produces bacteria-static and fungi-static water. That’s a lot to swallow, but it’s all really good! What Tensui does not do is use damaging chemicals or expensive filter cartridges. And it automatically cleans itself! We really think it’s the best filtration system out there.

Raw Republic will be utilizing two, back-to-back Tensui's and a UV light mechanism to ensure 99.9% bacteria, fungi and viruses are destroyed but yet the integrity of the water is maintained, unlike a reverse osmosis system - which strips all minerals and good stuff from the water.

Our filtration system will be hooked up to the line that we will use to wash our produce utilize for certain recipes.

For customers who bring in their own reusable water bottles, we will fill 'em up for free! This is to impart to the community the importance of one less plastic bottle purchased /sitting in a landfill or bobbing around in the earth’s waters.

Our Promise

Raw Republic values decisions that support the environment and all beings in nature.

Gluten-free and vegan

Our juice, smoothie, and food products are consciously created to avoid allergens. We are also committed to the well being of animals through cruelty-free operations. Everything we serve is gluten-free and *vegan. We want people to make better decisions for themselves and the world around them by showcasing the deliciousness and ease of truly healthy, clean food.


Environmental footprint

Raw Republic juice, smoothie, tonic and mylk packaging is composed of a post-consumer recycled polyethylene terephthalate (PET). These containers are non-leaching, providing a better barrier to gases (such as BPA) and more protection from oxidation. PET bottles are also easily recyclable and leave a much lighter footprint than glass in regard to delivering, shipping and storage.

Available to-go food items are contained in PLA or “corn plastic” created from annually renewable resources, not oil. These containers may be composted in commercial compost facilities or recycled traditionally.

Finally, our shop was finished with environmental needs placed above our own. We utilized zero VOC paint wherever possible, decorated the interiors with natural components, and have consciously created a cleaner consumer environment with plants, Himalayan salt lamps and natural light.